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Published on 06 July 2012
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Parsons Printing Press aims to be a little bit different (ok.......maybe a lot different) than other publishers. Our CEO, president, webmaster, and head janitor (by the way this is all the same person) cares first and foremost about quality educational materials that fit the needs of his classroom. I know you expected me to say, "Your classroom", but he is not omniscient, but hopes instead that you can gain from his struggles to have good affordable materials.

I've spent enough time talking in the third person, so let me introduce myself. My name is Inigo Montoya....you killed my father, prepare to die. Sorry, this site was not hacked. Actually I, Sean Parsons, have a love for classic geek movies, hence the Princess Bride reference.

I have a couple of degrees, 17 years of pharmacy experience, and half a dozen years worth of teaching experience; but most importantly, I have a passion for what I do. I provide opportunity for individuals to learn a complex set of skills in order that they might provide for themselves and their families. A challenge that we face is how to obtain high quality affordable tools. Having developed tools like Rx-wiki and Pharmaceutical Calculations that are freely accessible is a good start. How many people/publishers are offering a 644 page pharmacy math book as a free download and how many sites out there are dedicated to providing free educational web articles that are constantly updated and maintained. My guess is that any list you might come up with will be fairly short.

Stay tuned to Parsons Printing Press to see what is coming next.




Sean Parsons
CEO, President, Web Master, and Janitor